The Avatar course for me has been the most beautiful gift to myself, my family and the community. The course added a new nuace, a new depth to my life, one where I believe in the beauty of my dreams. I now contribute with my whole heart to the creation of a enlightened planetary civilization. “Thousands decide what millions will do!”


Business owner

Elona introduced me to the Avatar course in 2011 and I never looked back. The course opened my heart in a way I never thought possible. The Avatar tools helped me to become a more peaceful, happy and real version of me.


Home care provider

Avatar has been one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had, where everyday you advance forward, happier with yourself and others. For me the training was awakening of my true self, elimination of fear, new solutions, achievement of goals, and inner peace. Nowdays ‘I can’t’ or ‘I am shy to’ don’t stop me. Everytime I find myself in a difficult situation or when I don’t feel well, the Avatar tools are the solution. The thing I love the best is you can understand situations and people without speaking. I can’t wait to do the course again! I adore the flowing energy there.


College student

Avatar came into my life at a time when I was closing a chapter and about to embark on a new one. I knew I felt lost and victimized. How do I move forward? How did this experience get created in the first place? I had neither answers, nor direction. What I knew for certain was I wanted to create something different. Coming to Avatar was the experience of a lifetime. Never had I experienced the compassion I did during the training; compassion for myself, my loved ones and even the people I felt victimized by at the time. If you are looking to take charge of your life, your beliefs, your experiences and experience genuine compassion in your life Avatar is a must.


Financial services manager

For me Avatar was a most wonderful experience. It helped me understand myself on a whole new level, it woke me up, it transformed my thoughts about myself and people around me. The people there give out such an empowering energy for my life and my work. I would recomend everyone to succeed in creating the course. It would be the most beautiful thing they have done to transform themselves.



Doing the course together as a family is so amazing! Quality of life improves and together we live and move deliberately towards success!

Kume Family

Avatar has helped me open up and it has given me tools to face and transform many different things, even emotional states. It has definitely helped me with middle school drama. I use simple exercises such as The Releasing Fixed Attention when someone says something rude at school. I recommend it to anyone as it can help you on pretty much anything u are having trouble with


Student Athlete

Resurfacing improved my management of life situations. The exercises and the techniques helped me understand myself better by accepting the responsibility for my decisions. It helped me focus on important goals I want to achieve in my life. I gained the ability to overcome disagreements between people without taking it personally. I can lower my resistance and face life challenges. I was able to identify some weak areas yet experience increased self trust. Looking at all the positive changes in my personal and professional life since the Avatar training, I would recommend it to everyone. I think this is what awaits all who will give themselves this opportunity



Avatar had a great impact on me. At the time I was only 17 years old but I still remember everything as it was now. Everything was a great lesson and it helps me even today. I know everything that we do is on purpose. All things that hold us back are in our mind. I understood how the conscious and subconscious mind work and I use that knowledge nowadays. People wonder how I maintain my happy state in situations where my world is supposed to fall apart! Avatar helps you connect with your soul. That’s what it did to me! I would do it again! And if you haven’t experienced a connection with yourself and if you struggle in the pursuit of happiness and if you are your own greatest critique you should do the training!



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