I believe there is something unique each of us brings to this world, a flavor, a tune, a message to add to vast choices, the background, the flow… all unfolding slowly, perhaps even with grace. The recognition of it depends on our ability to be with, to value and explore what is, to feel through and appreciate the ‘comings and goings’ of life.

Born in Albania, a cozy little space in the Mediterranean, I remember being fascinated by human behavior and potential. I think the awe has never left. I have researched, studied, applied and now teach what I have learned with the same passion, curiosity and wonder a child explores a fascinating and puzzling new toy or animal.

Moving through time, I explored science, leadership, cultures; served as an ambassador and senator of college student body, meet with political leaders and leading-edge scientists, researched and published on brain, breast, ovarian cancers, studied the intricacies the body, the mind and the mystical, explored self-realization from Eastern ageless mystics and Western modern ventures.

A small child from a small country closed off to the world, I was surrounded by viewpoints with vary little variance. How does one go about designing such a path? I call it grace!

That is what the Avatar path has been for me. What I had studied and gotten to know theoretically, I started to feel and be. The Divine, the Grace became an experience, one that is still hard to descibe, but makes me effortlesly smile as I am writing this. My path brough me home to me and today I teach the Avatar training worldwide.

I invite you to lean forward friend. The universe seems to provide the next step to those curious, willing to stretch, to connect. The answers are all within you. The Avatar tools are powerful in quieting the background noise, the indoctrinations, the hidden influences, so you can feel and act on the answers within. The path or the subject that leads to exploring and ultimately greater awareness does not seem to be of particular significance. Have an intention to move an area of your life forward. Insights and expansion will come from exploring a habit, a goal, a career, a set back, a relatioship, a venture, etc. Let any vulnerability you feel about what is presenting itself, or in connecting with me be your catalyst for change.


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“In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.”

– R. Buckminster Fuller

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